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04:13am 16/11/2005
  XD since Maya gave me mod power, I decided to give us a new lay out, what do you all think?


Emi gave me awsome code so it's even better now! currently i'm working on a bg. thanks Emi-chan!
tendershipping PWP is funs... 
03:54am 16/11/2005

Rated R. tendershipping


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09:54pm 05/11/2005
  Title: The Grin
Author: Shadow-sama
Disclaimer: I Don’t YGO just the plot.
Rating: G
Words: 920
Pairings: Yami x Seto
Warning: Shoñen Ai.
Summary: Seto’s little addiction brings just one little thing, that catches Yami’s attention. Yami x Seto

It was annoying, perturbing….and very disturbing. He concluded as he watched overweight boys’ legs going at impossible speeds. It was DDR, Dance Dance Revolution. An obsession caused by his long-haired brother. He watched rainbowed color arrows flash through the screen, and listened the loud thumping beat of the music.

His eyes widened as he saw the arrows move even faster and the boy still managed to keep up with the high-speed beat…though he was sweating like a pig and smelled horrible rank. He uptiped nose, scrunching it up at the horrible smell. He didn’t know what possessed him to play this game. His obbession with it was worse then with Duel Monsters. He had to be the best. So for the last couple years he had been playing privately at home. He had his own reinforced game pad and huge plasma TV for it. But his brother managed to convince him to come here; an arcade center not far from that tiny little pathetic Game Shop.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the movement of the line, waiting to play the addicting game. His brother was talking adamantly to another player, a girl. She had crimson hair pulled back into a pony-tail and bright green eyes that glowed with mischief. She was a recent friend of Mokuba’s.

Her name was Kit. No last name, no real first name….that was all the information his brother cared to elaborate on; though he knew that she was of middle class, and didn’t really give a damn about his power in Japan nor his riches…which was interesting. But then again, she had moved from America. Americans tended to be a bit strange. Especially her, she always seemed to be hyper off of sugar when around Mokuba. When she was left to own devices, or in a car, she was quiet and just seemed to be in her own little world. When she was hyper, she seemed to go into so many different emotions at once it was amazing. And she was never scared, even when that Ishtar, that at one time hung around the house even though Seto clearly didn’t invite him, he didn’t seem make her nervous. Instead, she had gone up to him and pokes his forehead and smiled. Then she said, “ Oi! I like your traditional Egyptian jewelry…their shiny and pretty.” Then proceed to try and steal them.

But I’m going off subject. The fact of the matter is that Mokuba and Kit managed to convince him to come here, and how was a mystery. Though they were up to something. He noted as he noticed the looks they gave him on occasion. Suddenly, the line moved again. He took a purposeful step foreword.

“ Seto-kun!!!!” Kit squealed suddenly while holding onto his sleeve. I turned to her and scowled, shaking her off my sleeve.
“ What?” I growled. That was my mistake; Kit took that moment to shove a piece of food into my mouth. Giving an undignified squawk, I began to choke on the food. After a few moments of chewing and finally swallowing, I glared at the smirking girl. Mokuba was giggling at this of course.
“ Lighten up! It’s almost your turn and your no good if you’re all tense!” she said in a sing song voice. I scowled, she was right…but I didn’t like dancing in public. Like hell I am gonna humiliate myself.
“ Don’t you dare think of leaving, Seto-chan. You promised.” With that I whacked her upside the head, and she held her head after the powerful strike and grinned.
“ Awww doan cha just FEEL the love!” I ignored her and moved with the crowd once again. Kit suddenly attached herself to Mokuba and began to talk at fast speeds once again... and how she managed to do that constantly, without fluids to re-hydrate her constantly, was another mystery I cared not to solve. I light shove woke me from my thoughts. I looked into excited green eyes.
“ It’s your turn!” and a shove into the game pad I went. Damn that girl. I looked to my opponent, then my eyes widened slightly. It was Mouto. That damned little runt whom has beaten me time and time again in Duel Monsters. He played DDR? Well then…I’ll just have to defeat him won’t I? I gave him a superior grin. Calculating crimson eyes watched me, oh…it was the alter ego. Great.
“ Jet World?” The alter ego questioned. I smirked inwardly. That was my best song.
“ Standard Mode. Or is that too difficult for you?” I answered back. He snorted, giving off his confident persona once again. My eyes narrowed as he set up the song. I heard the song begin and grinned. My feet began to take over, as I danced across the pad. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Yami actually struggling to keep up. Triumph bubbled inside of me, as I continued to dance.
The music slowed and then stopped as a looked to Yami. He had a smirk on his face. My eyes narrowed. He began to walk over and then cupped my face, looking up to me.

“ You look adorable with that little triumphant grin.” He then kissed my cheek and sauntered off. My eyes went wide…I was grinning? I quickly walked off the stage and tried to hide within the crowd. I felt my fingertips touching the warmth on my cheek where he had kissed me. Adorable?
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09:54pm 05/11/2005
  Title: Nothin’ but Mammals
Author: Shadow-sama
Disclaimer: I Don’t Own YGO Only this Plot
Words: 709
Rating: T
Pairings: Bakura x Ryou
Warnings: Cynical views. Crude language. Sexual Themes. And a little bit of natural facts.
Summary: In a fit of boredom, Bakura decides to watch the discovery channel and gets a glimpse into a very…satisfying life.

In a matter of seconds was all it took, a certain albino incarnation thought as he watched as a rather large wolf tackled and kill a rather pathetic mammal known as a rabbit. With a knowing smirk, he watched in morbid and sadistic fascination as fur matted with crimson fluid and sharp yellowed canines ripping savagely into moist supple thighs of a fat little brown, now stained rust, rabbit. The pathetic creature never had a chance, thought Bakura with a twisted sneer, his crimson eyes lighting up in a dark glee. He watched the Alpha male wolf, rip and tear the dark red slabs of muscle into ribbons voraciously. Several weaker wolves whined and whimpered, gathering behind him, while eyeing the rabbit hungrily. It was obvious that meals were scarce, looking at the thin bodies. It was in the middle of winter …somewhere where he really didn’t fucking care. All he really cared about was the fact that the wolf continued to kill and dominate those sniveling little wolves. Always begging and pleading, though he knew from experience: give ‘em an inch; they will take a fucking mile.

One timidly inched towards the kill, only to have the wolf snaps his powerful jaws centimeters in front of the young male, blood dripping down his snowy white jaw, giving him a feral look. His lips pulled into a snarl and a low rumbling growl reverberating from his scarred chest from all the fights on the way to his status. The weaker tan half-breed backed off, head bowed, tail between his legs like the fucking coward he was. Bakura smirked. Yes, he would like to see that fucking pharaoh do the same…but for now he would wait patiently; bidding his time, waiting for the bastard of a pharaoh to grow lax and weak. Lull him into a state of self-reassurance. He could wait; after all, he had eternity.

His sharp eyes glued to the screen as the dangerous creature growled warning the others and then it returned to his bloody meal. After satisfying his hunger, he walked off, leaving the half-eaten remains to the others. Then the others seem to leap to eat, tearing, fighting, yelping, growling, all after the alpha left.

A crimson creature ran to his warm dark shelter in a dark wet cave. The bitches and cubs, all in small groups, were sharing the warmth that wasn’t sapped by the harsh winter air. The lack of warmth also made them lazy and slow. He continued past them and to the very back, there, there was a large female gray wolf laid curled up. Immediately, the albino wolf leaned down and nudges the sleeping female. She stirred and looked lazily to the crimson jawed mate. A spark of happiness could be seen in the yellow wolven eyes, then she immediately sat up, rubbing her face against her mates muscled neck. Thick, hard, and a pulse, beating under the fur and skin quickly, the remnants of adrenaline of the hunt and run, everything about her mate just radiated protection and strength, which was just what she needed, a strong mate for strong pups of course.

Bakura then smirked as he watched the two begin to rut, shamelessly. Ahh…such a nice simple life…the hunt, the food, and…the sex. Shameless sex with whom ever his wolven self could damn well have. Though, there would be no mind games…well at least to him he would have no urge to have psychological fights to high mental capacities.

The sound of the opening of a door shook him from his thoughts. He saw a worn Ryou juggle books between his arms, while opening the door. He was back from school. Back from hanging with the pharaoh’s pets. He sneered. Then…a rather stupid song he heard one day when walking down the streets came to mind.

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

He shook his head. I shouldn’t even ASSOCIATE sex with that spineless worm…but. He looked back to the pale ivory skin and long delicate body; short pants spewing from parted rosy lips, long silken strands of white hair and a healthy blush on his angelic face. …Well….ain’t nothin’ but mammals right?
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Fanficcie!!! ^^ 
01:55pm 12/09/2005
mood: weird

R&R, arigato?? ^^ And teh ficcies on meh faves also kick major arse, more so than mine. A couple at least. << >>

<3<3<3<3 Aredia
07:05pm 30/08/2005
  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2547440/1/ Rocking the Boat
Go read it. now. Support our favorite bishie's and save them from mai...Who is using them to bet...
fan art and fan fics of mine that everyone should read!!!! 
10:34pm 27/08/2005

^^ please?

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Blame God 
05:18pm 26/08/2005
  Yep here's three...
Title: Blame god
pairing: rivalship
summary: sometimes it takes a little intervention...

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Unhappy Anniversary PG 1/2 
07:11pm 25/08/2005
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So, i thought, for those of you who don't have the privledge of having read it, here it is. You shouls have a chance to read them both...The third i'm working on.

Title: Unhappy Anniversary
Rating: pg
Summary: Do regrets realy come back to haunt you?
Pairing: Rivalship

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Closing time 
07:37pm 24/08/2005
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So this is my intro piece. It's a companion to Unhappy Anniversary, but you don't have to read it to understand what's going on. To put it simply Kaiba and Yugi were together years ago, and it ended badly. Both regret it.

Title: Closing time
Rating: Pg, maybe teen?
Summary: Kaiba decides that all regrets must end
Pairing: rivalshippping

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Since I have to redo this for teh contest << 
04:33pm 17/08/2005
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I blame the plot bunnies!!! x.x And my current fangirliness over a new character. yea...

X3 However, I was told I couldn't enter unless I whored something... so... here's the link!


Yea, she's pretty good. I haven't read anything by her I don't like yet. <3 Look into her work and at least give it a shot, yes? That said, before I'm mauled by the bunnies....

Title: One Night With You
Pairing: Namu(Malik)/Seto!
Warnings: Possible cannon-rape (a.k.a OOC-ness), lame title, lame ending, the use of snogging X3, and male/male kissing.
Rating: PG-13 (at the worse)
Word Count: Unknown at this time

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02:31am 14/08/2005
  Welcome. ^^ read the rules and join!  
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